Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Does It Look Like to Be Obsessed... With Christ?

Chapter 8 begins with a definition for the word obsessed:

Obsessed: to have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic

As I reread this the other day, it made me think of things that I've actually been obsessed with in my life... and none of them were exactly "healthy." There were the TV shows that I scheduled all my activities around, the songs I played over and over again... just so I could learn the lyrics, the key lime pie that I made my husband go out and get at all hours of the night when I was pregnant with our first child (now I make him get Honeycrisp apples- We have 10 pounds in the fridge right now, which I'll devour by in the next three days!) For others, it might be their favorite sports team or celebrity; maybe they obsess about going to the gym or on how they look. I have little doubt that the list of all the things we could obsess over is seemingly endless. But, what about Jesus? By my own omission, I must admit that when I think of someone "obsessed" with Jesus... like many others in the "secular world"... my mind conjures up things like "Jesus Freak" or something far worse. When I spent some time thinking "why", the only thing I could really come up with is the fact that "obsessed" holds a negative connotation in my mind...even when I associate it with Jesus... so, I think, by default, I immediately think of those people that constantly TALK about knowing and loving Jesus... but their talk doesn't match their walk, so to speak.

So, where does this leave me? Well, honestly, a little befuddled as I start reading Chapter 8 again. In the next 13 blog entries, I will dissect each of Chan's characteristics for being "obsessed" with Jesus... what it looks like (and what it doesn't look like)... trying to keep in mind that these are the characteristics we are to embody as followers of Christ. This week, I just started a 12 week study of Acts... the story of the early church. Yesterday, I spent two hours pouring over Chapters 1 and 2, fascinated by what I read... almost like reading something so familiar, yet remembering it as being so different. I don't think this is a coincidence! As I learn about the journeys of the Apostles, those that were truly obsessed with the message of Christ, it will, no doubt, help me focus on my own "obsession" with the Savior... I hope!
Today, I planned on having you read an update from Lisa Chan about how things are going on their trip overseas. So, I was really surprised to find that the most updated blog entry was from Francis. I was even more surprised to read what he wrote! It speaks to what I wrote about, a little. But, in God's awesome way, it spoke to me directly, answering a VERY specific prayer that my husband and I have been praying the last few days. I'm constantly amazed at how God works... better yet, how God draws closer to me as I draw closer to Him. You hear it preached at church all the time, but, to be honest, I've become a little numb to it... desensitized, if you will. I hear pastors talk about it, but I've always wondered what it actually looks like, feels like... not from a minister's point of view or someone that has walked in faith for a while... but for someone like me, that questions the possibility. It's really cool to experience this closeness in a tangible way! For the first time, I dare say ever, I feel that God is close, not abstract... that He is leading me in a direction... still not sure where He has me headed... but, then again, for the first time, I don't really care!

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