Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spiritual Amnesia

Spiritual Amnesia. Do you have it? I do…sometimes I feel like it’s the constant state of my existence. Chan states the following:

“There is an epidemic of spiritual amnesia going around, and none of us is immune. No matter how many fascinating details we learn about God’s creation, no matter how many pictures we see of His galaxies, and no matter how many sunsets we watch, we still forget…When we love God because we feel we should love Him, instead of genuinely loving out of our true selves, we have forgotten who God really is. Our amnesia is flaring up again.” P. 29

I’ve been trying to come of with really good examples of this all day, but the problem is that we are all so completely and wonderfully different. What I find to be meaningful and significant, may not ring true with you, and vice versa. But, for me, when I think about genuine love, I think about the few stolen moments after giving birth to my three children. With each of them, there was this inexplicable moment where I found myself marveling at the miracle of life. I remember holding them, refusing to hand them over to their father. I must have said, “I will love you forever, and ever, and ever,” at least a dozen times on each occasion. And whenever they weren’t in my arms, my eyes were always on them and the smile never left my face.

However, I can just as easily relate to the “I-love-you-because-I-should-love-you” scenario, as well. In this case, I can’t help but think about my two eldest children…brother and sister (need I say more.) After every argument, their father and I always make them apologize and say “I love you.” Their “I love you” is void of any sentimental meaning, or heartfelt emotion. It is merely out of obligation…or fear of the consequences if they don’t. In both situations, love is said…but unlike the first example, the latter is lacking that sense of genuine, authentic love. It’s that authenticity that God deserves.


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Watch the video entitled “Just Stop and Think.” It’s a little lengthy (about 15 minutes), so watch it when you have some time.

Another thing I’d like you to try the next few days: In your quiet time, try your best to marvel at God. It might seem a little weird, if you’re not used to it. If that’s the case, try this. Think about a time in your life where you have marveled at something (as I did with my children) and thank God for that splendid gift…because He was the one that gave it to you!

His Faithful Servant~

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  1. Wonderful video! I can just keep bouncing around that website checking out all the resources.... Thanks